Take Note!

For use in conventional or synthetic motor oils. Safe for all gas or diesel engines.

  • Anti-Friction Technology
  • Ceramic oil additive
  • Reduces Emissions

Product Description

STP® Ceramic Oil Treatment with Anti-Friction Technology provides an advanced layer of protection by increasing lubrication between metal to metal parts and prevents engine deposit formation.

How it helps:

  • Durable ceramic coating remains even after oil is changed with extended protection up to 10,000 miles / 16,000km
  • Helps to extend engine life
  • Improves gas mileage
  • Helps increase horsepower
  • Cleans and prevents deposits and sludge build-up
  • Helps improve lubricity and oil flow
  • Allows engine to run smoother and quieter

Treat Rate: 1 bottle treats 4-5 quarts of oil

Take Note!

For use in conventional or synthetic motor oils. Safe for all gas or diesel engines.

Usage Directions

Add one bottle of STP Ceramic Oil Treatment to 4-5 quarts of oil.

Usage Frequency: Use at or between oil change. STP Ceramic Oil Treatment does not extend oil drain intervals, but continuously protects engine and prevents deposit formation for up to 10K miles. Change your oil at manufacturer’s recommended change interval.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Motor oils are carefully formulated lubricants that perform many important functions, including cooling engine parts, keeping them clean, and protecting them against rust, corrosion, and wear. One of the most important functions of oil is providing lubrication by forming a cushion between moving parts to help them slide more easily. This reduces metal-to-metal contact and friction — a major contributor to heat, wear, and premature aging of engine parts. STP® Oil Treatment fights this metal-to-metal friction by providing a thicker cushion of oil between moving engine parts, thus helping to protect against engine wear.

  • STP® Oil Treatment can be added at any time. For maximum results, it’s best when added to fresh oil in a warm engine right after an oil change.

  • Many car manufacturers state that after-market oil additives are not necessary, even though they sell their own brand of oil additives. Some after-market oil additives contain corrosive chemicals, including chlorine-based lubricating compounds that may be harmful to internal engine parts. STP® products do not contain any corrosive components and are safe for use in all engines.

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