• Helps save gas
  • Increases horsepower
  • Removes carbon deposits

Product Description

STP® Pro-Series Intake Valve Cleaner is a DIY intake valve cleaning solution designed to remove hardened deposits without a costly engine teardown. Engineered to simplify the intake valve cleaning process with 5 easy steps. One person job from start to finish for professional-grade results. Patent pending design.

How it helps:

  • Remove hardened deposits
  • Simplifies the intake valve cleaning
  • Easy 5 steps process
  • One person job

Usage Directions


  • Effective for use in GDI, PFI and Turbo engines
  • Use 1X per year or every 12K miles

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Metal hook to hang intake valve cleaner above the throttle body
    2. Continuous flow automatic dispenser
    1. Blue On (“I”) Off (“O”) Switch
    2. Red Dial
    1. 42” Clear Flexible Hose with Protective Aluminum Guide
    2. PEA-Based Aerosol Formula
    1. Turn the blue switch to “O”. Then make sure the red dial is turned to “I”, before turning the blue switch to “I” again.
    2. In rare cases, it may be necessary to gently push the actuator onto the can and rotate the actuator by about quarter turn.
    3. Then, follow the instructions again: turn the red dial to “I”, then turn blue switch to “I” and the flow of fluid should start after the red dial has returned to “O” position.
    1. Turn the red dial to “I”, THEN turn the blue switch to “I”. The reason for this is to make sure you have enough time to start revving the engine before the formula begins to dispense into the intake manifold.
    1. This product has been designed to release the entire contents of the can, 9 minutes after the red dial has been turned to “I”.
    2. If the ambient temperature is too cold or if the can has been stored in freezing conditions for too long, it may require longer time to empty the contents of the can.
    1. The check engine light should clear after driving the car for 10-15 minutes.
  • After using this product, your car will run smoother with improved acceleration, reduced rough idling and fuel consumption

    1. Once a year or every 12,000 miles
    1. Yes. It is necessary to wear gloves and safety goggles while using this product.
    1. No. It should be sprayed through the intake, after the MAF.
    1. The product is a single use and should be discarded. It is not meant to be re-used.
    1. Read the instructions for further information on where to place the hose.
    1. 2-3- minutes for setup. 6-8 minutes for the can to empty. 1-2 minutes to remove the hose from the manifold and 10-15 minutes for driving the car after the product use. 20-30 minutes for total product usage.
    1. When the red dial has expired at “O”, the contents of the can will start flowing through the hose. You should be able to see the formula flowing through the hose.

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